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Certified Hi-Rail and Crane Inspections

On site services, including nights and weekends.

Service Truck Upfitting

Whatever your up-fitting needs, we are equipped to do full service bodies, hyrail system installation, cranes, greasers, hydraulic tool circuits, custom bumpers, running boards, headache racks, ladder racks, tool boxes, bed covers, work/driving lights and consoles.

Railroads: Rail Ready Services offers an experienced, in-house program for up-fitting light and medium duty work trucks and van for railroad and rail transit applications.  Your trucks are up-fitted with features and equipment specified by your company, in a timely manner, with emphasis on a quality build.  

We provide quality up-fitting services to our customers on various types of vehicles, including: mechanical, maintainer, pick-up with cab, supervisor vehicles, service vehicles, trucks with tool boxes, welding trucks, greaser trucks, yard trucks, passenger transport vans and communication vans.  We also inspect and service your railroad signals and tracks.

Fleet Services: Rail Ready Services offers the same high-quality up-fitting services to municipalities, utility companies, corporate and private contractors as well as the individual who wants a more efficient and organized vehicle.  Whatever your need, large or small, Rail Ready Services, Inc. is equipped and ready to up-fit your next service vehicle.

Rail Ready Services, Inc makes your vehicle - Rail Ready!

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Specializing in custom up-fitting services with comprehensive experience in all types of railroad and rail transit vehicles and all fleet service vehicles. vehicles and all fleet service vehicles.